GenAsia introduces new eye care product
Specialty bio-pharmaceutical company GenAsia Biotech L.L. Corporation introduced its newest product during the 5th annual convention of the Philippine Academy of Aesthetic and Age­ Management Medicine, Inc. (PAAAMMI) which ran from September 2 to 4 at Crowne Plaza.

Although Zocular® is yet to make its debut in the Philippine market, it has been receiving outstanding reviews in the countries where it’s already available. This product contains a patent-pending, natural, plant-based extracts of Abelmoschus esculentus, commonly known as okra. It can be noted that okra is recognized for its soothing and restorative properties for the eyes due to its chemical composition and properties.

Zolucar®‘s founder Dr. Peter Pham was among the guest speakers during the event One of the points he discussed during his lecture is the major factors that cause “dry eyes” Contrary to the popular belief that it is caused by a lack of adequate tears, which then leads to the use of artificial tears, Pham said that the problems on the eyelid margin are the ones responsible for this condition. More than 85 percent to 90 percent of dry eyes are due to eyelid inflammation Debris, dirt, and oil residue along the edge of the eyelids can cause the eyes to get itchy, watery, and experience burning sensation which then lead to redness and irritation.

Zolucar® contains a unique okra-­infused Zocusome micelles that gently lift and clear the oil, debris, and residue on the eyelid margins to rejuvenate the eyes Clinical research has shown that Zolucar® can also kill ocular Demodex (mites from hair follicles) without causing any redness and discomfort making it an ideal option for eye care.

Pham, who was the invited speaker of Gen Asia, also discussed the relevance of skin care in the context of eye care.

Meanwhile, as part of this year’s theme, “Beyond Beauty An In­-Depth Approach to Anti-Aging and Aesthetics” the invited guest speakers from across the world conducted lectures on anti-aging, aesthetics. and skin wellness.