GenAsia Biotech Launched New Products at PAAAMI’s Scientific Symposium

Quezon City, December 3, 2016 – The Philippine Academy of Aesthetic and Age-Management Medicine, Inc. (PAAAMI) in cooperation with GenAsia Biotech L.L. Corporation held their 64th Scientific Symposium entitled “The Anti-Aging Answer for the Whole Body”.

The symposium was also in conjunction with the launching of a new product line of personal care, skin care supplements and veterinary care products manufactured by Hyalogic LLC., USA The event was hosted by Mr. Roland Rodil, with opening remarks by Dr. James Boado, Vice President for External Affairs/CME International Chairman. The symposium lecture was conducted by guest speaker and GenAsia’s Medical Director Dr. Joseph Rylan Flores who tackled the benefits of Hyaluronic acid and introduced the product launching of Hyalogic

Hyalogic is a proud leader in using Hyaluronic acid in their products, such as the first liquid HA dietary supplement, and being a non-animal derived and vegan-friendly HA Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a carbohydrate (mucoploysaccharride) that occurs naturally in the body. Its functions are to bind water and to lubricate moveable parts of the body (e.g. joints, bones, cartilages) and to give moisture to body tissues (skin, connective, and scalp), eyes and hair follicles as HA is known to be a nature’s moisturizer. With a live-feed skype lecture from Mr. Darren Landis, Mr. Mark Ganaban and Mr. Jason Falbo, owners and co-founders of Hyalogic USA as they discussed their technology in using hyaluronic acid and their products in providing health care to consumers. With the introduction of HA, Dr. Flores also talked about the future products of GenAsia such as Cell Power® and a live-feed skype from the president/CEO of Positive Power Nutrition Co., USA.

During the symposium, Hyalogic™ products were launched, led by the staff of GenAsia. The showcase highlighted the products that will be launched in the early months of 2017 and have introduced product lines ranging from skin care, to personal care, to veterinary/pet care products. In conjunction with their 64th symposium, PAAAMI also held their Christmas party after the showcase event.